What Happened – Ep 001

Andy's Things and Stuff
Andy's Things and Stuff
What Happened - Ep 001

Why did I leave radio? Where’s Tash? What am I doing now? Other things and stuff: The State Theater is dope! Ixnay on the Ass-Clay. I went to Pave for the first time. Email the show, andy@andyerickson.com. Sign up for a shooting class with Andy at Sioux Falls Shooting.

10 Replies to “What Happened – Ep 001”

  1. Sounds like both you and Tash did what you needed to do. Hard to stay in a place where you’re not appreciated. Gotta say though … I expected a different/more metal intro/exit music 😎

  2. Not going to lie I shut off the new show. They are awful and extremely cringy. Nothing that is fun and makes your day ready to go. They are definitely going to take a hit. I’m glad you are able to do so many firsts!

  3. I never listened to radio except for those days I would have morning shifts and traveled with family. Thank you for being that voice to get us through the morning.
    I listened to the podcast and I’m so glad you were able to make the decision to leave that terrible management. It seems they were holding things against you for awhile and took the opportunity to kick you while you were down. Since I work from home now I don’t tune in anymore and I will not be listening to their new show especially after the bad reviews on reddit. Looking forward to listening to more of these though!

  4. If you are only doing the podcast to amuse yourself you failed, you are also amusing a lot of loyal fans <3 Thanks Andy. Honestly appreciate the low down, have been pretty sad on my morning commutes.

  5. I have run radio ads with them for my company numerous times in the past, not on 104.7 but some of the other stations and on principal I certainly won’t ever do it again. I’m not surprised to hear your experience and it confirms that’s not a company I want to do business with. I’m glad to hear things going well for you, will definitely be a listener here from now on!

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