Andy and Tasha Reunion – Ep 002

Episode 2 - Andy and Tasha Reunion
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Andy and Tasha Reunion - Ep 002

My former co-worker came over to chat! Lots of people asked lots of questions on Facebook and we answered all of the ones that had nothing to do with Mitchell. Other topics: Life since radio, Tash tries not to cry then cries, Andy isn’t doing this for money but he will take it if you’re interested, how much would it cost to get Andy and Tasha back on the radio. SIOUX FALLS SHOOTING can help you learn to shoot or get your South Dakota Enhanced Carry Permit. Check out Andy’s classes or book a private session by going to

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  1. Definitely miss you guys on the radio! Good to hear you together catching up and discussing random things. Tasha wishing you the best on finding a job that you enjoy. Andy glad you are enjoying life outside of radio. Hoping to hear the two of you maybe monthly catching us up on what’s been happening in your lives?

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