Ep 020 – War Stories and Heat Stroking with Jeremy Williams

Andy's Things and Stuff
Andy's Things and Stuff
Ep 020 - War Stories and Heat Stroking with Jeremy Williams

My buddy Jeremy Williams is on the podcast this week. He can fix anything and does so for the City of Sioux Falls. He’s also a veteran, a reserve sheriff deputy, armed security guard, shooting instructor, and USPSA nerd. Topics: Jeremy has probably looked through your purse, service and deployment to Iraq, how we both got heat stroke and blood pressure medication, the match trip to Omaha, the lap burrito, and shooting stuff.

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2 Replies to “Ep 020 – War Stories and Heat Stroking with Jeremy Williams”

  1. Hi Andy. Brett Wagner here. I really enjoy Andy’s Things and Stuff. I never miss an episode. I’m in the middle of listening to episode #20. You and Jeremy are talking about heat stroke and dehydration. I just paused the playback to send you this message. At this very moment you guys are talking about kids these days taking water bottles to school every day and how drinking water is a popular daily exercise for everyone’s health now days. Me personally, I sit at a desk all day. I drink a lot of liquids daily. But for the past 6-12 months, I’ve been drinking one Liquid IV almost every day along with my regular water intake. It is so amazing! Have you heard of Liquid IV? If not, look for it in the health section at Hy-Vee. Walmart and Target also sell it near the Crystal Light drink powder products. Liquid IV works wonders! I’ll come in the house after an hour of mowing the lawn in 90 degree heat, have one Liquid IV and in 10 minutes I feel great! It is a “Hydration Multiplier” electrolyte drink mix. One packet per one regular 16 oz bottle of water. It’s powered by their patented Cellular Transport Technology (CTT). One 16 oz bottle of water with Liquid IV is equal to 2-1/2 glasses of just straight water. And the taste is so good it goes down like nothing is there. Just bam! It’s all gone into my stomach. The scientific formula is sodium + potassium + glucose + water = CTT. And if you have allergies, it is NON gluten, NON dairy and NON soy. I HIGHLY recommend it. I’m not sure on how many flavors they have now but it’s like 5-10 flavors I think. I prefer Strawberry or Lemon/Lime. My son Colter likes Concord Grape. Anyhow, I thought I’d share this with you since you said you have a history with dehydration. I do too because of my size and always outside in the summer after I get home from work during the week. One weekends I’m outside most of the time the sun is up. Liquid IV kicks Gatorade’s and Powerade’s asses 1,000x’s. – Have a great day – Brett

    1. I’ll give it a whirl. Never tried Liquid IV. I’ve used Propel packets for a few years. It’s pretty good too. I don’t struggle as much with it anymore. Lisinopril apparently helps a lot!

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