Ep 016 – We Got Elk with Dan Buresh

Andy's Things and Stuff
Andy's Things and Stuff
Ep 016 - We Got Elk with Dan Buresh

Happy New Year! My guest on this episode is avid hunter and my new friend Dan Buresh of Madison. We met after Dan reached out following my first podcast episode to see what elk tag I had. It turned out we had the same unit so we started corresponding. Then he orgainized a SD Enhanced Pistol Permit class for me in Madison. We talk about our elk hunts, how different prairie elk are from regular mountain elk, favorite ways to cook elk, and what it’s like to take one of Andy’s classes.

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  1. I really enjoyed this story about elk hunting. You make elk meat sound like the best food in the world. I’m also from SF and wonder where in the area can I go buy elk meat? Do you have any input Andy? Thanks. And congratulations on your successful hunt.

    1. You can only get it by hunting it yourself or from a friend who killed an elk. The sale of wild game meat is illegal. There is on occasion farm-raised elk that restaurants will serve but it’s so heavily seasoned you can’t really taste it.

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