Ep 033 – My Sister-In-Law I Just Met, Chelsey Erickson

Andy's Things and Stuff
Andy's Things and Stuff
Ep 033 - My Sister-In-Law I Just Met, Chelsey Erickson

My brother, Joe, has been on the podcast a couple of times. Now his wife of almost two months joins me ten days after I met her for the first time, mostly just so I can get to know her. Chelsey Erickson is a mom, a personal trainer, and a lot of fun to drink whiskey with. We talk shit about my brother/her husband behind his back, how they met for the first time right after he and I went to Top Gun: Maverick, our bad backs, how not to do a dead lift, how men suck at taking instruction, how having three older brothers toughened her up, and much more.

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