Ep 014 – Stories We Could Not Have Told On the Radio

Andy's Things and Stuff
Andy's Things and Stuff
Ep 014 - Stories We Could Not Have Told On the Radio

My buddy Tyler Meester returns to the podcast. We laughed a lot and both told some stories that we could not have told were this on the radio. Topics discussed: Spring Creek is our favorite local golf course, GFP wants to ruin Spring Creek with a campground, snowmobiling, Eagle Rare is good whiskey, Crystal fully used Andy’s bathroom when they were dating, snowmobiling and the rest of Tyler’s 5 favorite things to do, Andy and Tyler’s 3 favorite concerts of all time, the stress of being self-employed, Andy’s favorite interviews from radio, Icepocalypse (2013) and the River Glacier Storm (2019) and this year’s Derecho, Adam Sandler concert in KC, what a comedian said to make an elderly couple walk out of the Holiday Inn bar in Spearfish, puking on a roller coaster.

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