Ep 050 – I’m Going to Miss My Dad, Tom Erickson

Andy's Things and Stuff
Andy's Things and Stuff
Ep 050 - I'm Going to Miss My Dad, Tom Erickson

This weeks episode, and probably next week’s episode are going to be different. My family had our collective hearts broken on Friday, August 25, 2023. My dad, Tom Erickson, was driving to Sioux Falls on old 77, nine miles north of Beresford, when a man driving a giant tractor hauling silage, blew through the stop sign and collided with his car. He died on impact. I speak for a couple of minutes about how great Dad was, and then I play the episode I recorded with him back in March. Mourn with me for the first few minutes, then laugh along with us as I hang out with my dad and hear him tell stories in the way that only he could.

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